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50 wines to try before you die! - Our Forty sixth wine - Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, Sauska, Hungary 2017/18 50cl



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COUNTRY: Hungary
VINTAGE: 2017/18
APV: 11.5%
FOODS: Excellent with Foie Gras, cheese or with most desserts.
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50 wines to try before you die! - Our Forty sixth wine - Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, Sauska, Hungary 2017/18 50cl

By far Hungary's most famous wine, Tokaji also is the greatest. It is the world's oldest sweet wine with production dating back to the 1650s. The micro climate in this miraculous corner of Mittel Europa is such that the grapes are affected by noble rot (aszú) and so produce exceptional sugar levels, which is measured by 'Puttonyos' from 1-6, with 6 being the sweetest. Production techniques are very specific to Tokaji and include the addition of grape syrup and paste and slow fermentation under a film of local yeast, rather like sherry, over many a year. The Sauska vineyards are family-owned and the oldest vines date back well over 20 years. Highly concentrated, with aromas of fig, honey, peach and toffee but with citrusy freshness, it remains a firm Eton Vintners favourite and a worthy treat during Christmas. Perfect with Christmas pudding, any dessert - or as a tipple on its own.

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One of the world‘s lesser-known noble grapes. Tending not to court the limelight, it usually hides behind the name of Tokaji - the ancient and famous lusciously sweet Hungarian wine of which it is the principle grape. However it is also delicious when vinified dry. With acidity levels which can preserve it for decades, complex flavours of gunflint, lime, orange, pears, which become smokier and spicier with time, it needs to be left on the vine late into the autumn to express itself fully - fiery alcohol levels often being the result. It can also be found in Slovenia, Croatia and Romania and significant plantings exist in Austria‘s Burgenland, which may be where it originated.

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