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Quinta do Crasto Tinto, Douro 2019/20 75cl

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COUNTRY: Portugal
VINTAGE: 2019/20
APV: 14%
GRAPE VARIETIES: Touriga Nacional , Tinta Roriz , Touriga Franca
FOODS: lamb and roasted red meat dishes
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Quinta do Crasto Tinto, Douro 2019/20 75cl

(V) Portuguese table wines seem a little under the radar. It's a shame - the reds, like our Quinta do Crasto 2016 this week, pack an enormous punch taste-wise and remain one of wine's great, untold, bargains. We love the fact that the Portuguese have retained their native grape varietals rather than planting the homogenised international grapes like Merlot and Sauvignon found everywhere. The 2016 Crasto is a blend of Touriga Nacional, the noble staple of port; Touriga Roriz, also better known as Tempranillo; Touriga Franca and Tinta Barocca. With a deep violet colour, fresh nose and intense berry fruit aromas, it is also elegant and floral. Balanced and well-structured on the palate, with berry fruit.
Portuguese wine tends to be slightly drier when compared with Spanish wines - reflecting those cooling winds from the Atlantic! Tannins are round and finely-textured. Elegant and lingering. Only 5% oak. A super wine and a brilliant solution when looking for a crowd-pleasing red with friends in a restaurant.
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The first known references to Quinta do Crasto can be traced back to 1615, long before the Douro Valley became the world’s first demarcated wine region in 1756. The property is a historic one and is recorded as having been awarded "feitoria" status (the highest vineyard classification of the time) in 1761. The original demarcation was marked with a series of granite markers. One of these markers, called "marco pombalino", dating back to 1758, is still visible at the Quinta.

In the early 1900s, Quinta do Crasto was purchased by Constantino de Almeida, founder of the famous Constantino Port house. Following his death in 1923, his son, Fernando de Almeida, continued to run the Quinta, producing stellar Port wines.

In 1981, Fernando de Almeida’s daughter, Leonor Roquette, and her husband, Jorge Roquette, assumed majority ownership and management of the estate. With the help of their sons, Miguel and Tomás, they began the process of remodelling and expanding the vineyards and facilities to enable the production of top quality Port and Douro wines. Quinta do Crasto has now reclaimed its rightful status as one of the great family estates of the Douro region.

Portuguese wines are the most varied and made from a large array of indigenous grape varieties found virtually nowhere else in the world.

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