An Introduction To Bordeaux Wines


From Thursday the 14th to Saturday the 16th November we are holding a tasting to introduce Bordeaux wines at our shop, 31 St Leonards Rd, Windsor.
We will have a selection of wines from £6-£25 for you to taste the shop over three days giving you a better understanding of the biggest and complexed wine region in the world.

For centuries wine has been produced in Bordeaux. This has led to a great understanding of the influence of the climate, the land and the grape varieties which produce the best wines in the region. Many of the vineyards are still family-owned.

Each year the winemakers use their skill and experience to blend their grapes – Cabernet and Merlot for the reds, Sauvignon and Sémillon for the whites – to produce wines of character and diversity, whose restrained style makes them especially good with food.