Selecting food by grape

Selecting food by grape

Selecting food by grape is a daunting task when there are so grape varieties. We have carefully chosen a selection from our range of grape varieties and wine growing areas around the world, By clicking on the grape variety or region/ country a range of wines will be selected.

Beef, notably steak, Stews, game– Malbec -Red wines from Argentina and Cahors

Oriental, spicy,fish , shellfish, aperitif– Riesling -White wines from Alsace  Germany Austria New Zealand and Australia

Foie gras, paté, asparagus, oriental, spicy– Gewurztraminer -White wines from Alsace Chile and USA

Spicy, fish, shellfish, aperitif– Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris– White wines from Alsace  Italy and New Zealand

Chicken, ham, coq au vin, charcuterie Gamay -Red wines from Beaujolais

Shellfish, fish, aperitif– Sauvignon Blanc -White wines from Loire Valley  New Zealand Australia and Chile

Poultry, light game, salmon, tuna, charcuterie beef stews, goats cheese– Pinot Noir -Red wines from Burgundy New Zealand Australia  Chile South Africa USA and Canada

Chicken, Fish, Shellfish, goats cheese, aperitif– Chardonnay -White wines from Burgundy USA  South Africa New Zealand Australia  Chile Italy and Canada

Red meat, game, roasts, soft cheeses, duck, goose, chicken Syrah / Shiraz -Red wines from The Rhone Valley Southern France USA Australia New Zealand and South Africa

Red meats, mature cheeses – Cabernet Sauvignon – red wines from Bordeaux Italy  Southern France USA Australia New Zealand Chile South Africa

Poultry, light game, salmon, tuna, charcuterie, beef stews, goats cheese– Merlot -Red wines from Bordeaux mostly Pomerol and St Emilion Italy  Southern France  USA  Australia New Zealand Chile South Africa

Aperitif, celebrations, fish, shellfish, desserts Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend Prosecco Chenin Blanc – try fizz Champagnes , Sparkling wines

Desserts – chocolate- Shiraz or Muscat -Sweet Red wines from USA and Australia

Desserts – cake and fruit tarts- Semillon Muscat Sparkling Moscato Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Blend Chardonnay Sweet white wines from Bordeaux mostly Sauternes Southern France USA

Try searching by wine, food or grape and see what results you can come up with.

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