Southern France Wine Tasting


Daniel O’Keefe hosting the tasting will give you a tour of the wines of this outstanding area. The Southern French Wine Area is one of the largest in the world from Perpignan to Menton by the Spanish Border and Italian respectively. Wines are the most diverse ranging from Crisp Rosés to deep heavy reds.

The New World of France, the inventiveness and rigour of the wine industry in this part of France has turned around the perception of this diverse region. Once thought of cheap vin de table now offers wines that rivals any serious wine producing region in the world with an outstanding wealth of wines between £8.00 to £20.00, all are very affordable compared to their northern cousins Northern Rhone, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

The Tasting will take place on Thursday the 8th May at the Shop, 31 St Leonard’s Rd, Windsor between 7 and 9pm.

This will be a very interesting tasting. Enjoy!