Uruguay Tasting


We are holding our first Uruguayan wine tasting on Saturday the 4th July from 2pm to 5pm at the shop, Eton Vintners, 31 St Leonards Rd, Windsor. Our guest, Sam Hellyer will be hosting the tasting and will be showing wines from the wineries of Montes Toscanini, Artesana and Bodega Stagnari.

The tasting will be running over three hours so come and taste at your leisure.

As a valued customer, we’d like to offer you an exclusive 10% off all Uruguayan wine purchases in store at Eton Vintners during the tasting.

This amazing wine region in South America has been missed by most of the wine community in the UK. 85% of Uruguayan wine estates have on average 8 hectares of vineyards as opposed to 100 hectares in Chile and Argentina. These wineries are too small to export in bulk by the likes of the major supermarkets. The main varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Tannat, mostly from South West France and Bordeaux. These wines are smooth, structured and drier than the wines from their neighbours.

We look forward to tasting these wines with you.